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Louis Tomlinson's Birthday Featured A Mini One Direction Reunion

All it takes to get (some of) the band back together is a b-day

If you wanted a new background for your phone, I'd recommend googling "Louis Niall soccer" and seeing the treasure trove of photos of Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan that awaits you (including the one at the top of this story).

And then, after everything's locked down, I'd invite you to look at this reunion photo of the two of them that Niall posted in honor of Louis' 26th birthday, which he celebrated on Christmas Eve (December 24).

"Happy birthday Tommo!" Niall wrote. 'Have a great birthday and Christmas."

Not a lot to unpack here — just a solid pic of the two dudes enjoying some beverages in classy attire. From the look of the haircuts they're both sporting, it's an actually recent photo, not an older one dug out of the archives and repurposed for a b-day wish.

Liam Payne also sent a greeting to his former bandmate on his birthday via a nice tweet complete with a fist-bump emoji.

In between celebrating in private with his pals, Louis likely spent his day sifting through his Twitter (and Instagram) mentions from his combined 45 million followers and sent a polite message thanking folks for their kind words.

You're welcome, Louis. Now, how about some news about that debut album?