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Eminem Stares Down The Mic And His Former Selves In The 'Walk On Water' Video

This could be the first visual in a series thanks to that mysterious sculpture ...

Eminem's finally dropped a video for "Walk on Water," his duet with Beyoncé, that's just as personal and intense as its lyrics.

Starting simply with a spotlight and a microphone, the rapper mulls over his frustrations with his critics and the tension he feels regarding his reemergence. He then finds himself in an empty theater, his delivery growing ever sharper as the music swells and the crowd fills in at a rapid rate before him.

Next thing you know, things take a turn for the surreal: A small army of Eminems types out gibberish in pursuit of the next perfect lyric, and MM works his way from the stage, which is now covered in snow, to an icy expanse. He walks across its surface ("only when it freezes," literally) only to see himself encased in the ice. He heads toward a giant, mysteriously veiled sculpture, and pulls off its covering; we're brought back to the typewriting Eminems, and we're left with one perfect page (bearing "Stan" lyrics, likely) before the clip concludes.

Noticeably absent is Beyoncé, but "Walk on Water" seems to be a set-up for a multi-part story: He pulls the fabric from the sculpture, but the camera doesn't reveal what's beneath it. Will the Revival videos play off each other in sequence, or is Em leaving us hanging? Either way, we're intrigued.

Watch Eminem's "Walk on Water" via Apple Music.