Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

So Ryan Reynolds Tried To Decorate Some Christmas Cookies

Key word: Tried

Well, at least Ryan Reynolds gets an A for effort in the holiday spirit department.

Blake Lively shared some pics of the Christmas cookies her husband made, presumably to share with their young daughters, James and Ines. Unfortunately, it looks like the Deadpool 2 mastermind isn't exactly Picasso with sugar and frosting, because these burned sugar cookies definitely could've come from a reject pile on the North Pole.

Tag yourself, I'm the Maybe Snowman That's Definitely Missing Its Head.

Or the Christmas Tree That's Apparently Burning Or Covered In Blood.

Or the the Pile Of Black Icing Abandoned In The Corner That's Basically A Pile Of Coal.

Here's hoping James and Ines were a bit more successful with their cookie baking, 'cause these are... well, they're edible, technically, and they're festive. So there's that. Happy holidays, especially to the Reynolds-Lively household. May your days be merry, bright, and filled with sweet treats.