Gregg Sulkin Didn't Feel Like A Superhero Until This Marvel's Runaways Moment

He also picks whose superpower he wants

Gregg Sulkin has held down roles on several popular shows over the past few years, like Wizards of Waverly Place, Pretty Little Liars, and Faking It. But it wasn't until he started playing Chase Stein on Marvel's Runaways that he became a bonafide superhero.

Sulkin recalled the "big moment" when he first tried on his Fistigons — weaponized gloves that give his character superhuman abilities — in a room full of Marvel executives and producers.

"When I was putting them on, it kind of felt like, 'Wow,'" he told The Hollywood Reporter. "One, a lot of effort and emotion have gone into this power and these gloves, and, two, it was like, a lot of money has also gone into these gloves and making sure they work."

Wearing the superpower-giving apparatus finally made it sink in that he was actually playing a Marvel superhero. "It was kind of like, 'OK, now the pressure is on,'" Sulkin continued. "They believed in me to be this superhero, now I am this superhero, now I need to perform." It's almost as if trying on the Fistigons gave Sulkin an overwhelming feeling of responsibility.

The actor also told THR which of his co-star's superpowers he would want in real life. Of the Fistigons, the Staff of One, glowing energy conversion, super-strength, and ability to communicate with a pet dinosaur, Sulkin chose...

The dinosaur!

"I love animals, so I feel like I could have conversations," he said. 

OK, a fully trained prehistoric pet would be pretty cool.