'I Want That': Cara Maria Reveals Her First Impression Of Vendettas Competitor Kyle

Let's just say the girl isn't shy

To quote Cara Maria, there's just something about a "tall, tattooed, blond, blue-eyed pirate."

The Battle of the Bloodlines champ confessed during the season premiere of The Challenge: Vendettas that she was "looking" at Geordie Shore export Kyle. For his part, the Newcastle native hooked up with Marie -- even though he said he would have gone for Cara Maria "from the get-go." But Cara eventually found her way into his bed arms, and this romantic pirate connection was born.

So looking back, what was the veteran's first impression of the rookie?

"The second I met Kyle I was like, 'I want that -- I want it now,'" Cara reveals to MTV News in the video above. "And I got it." Yeah you did, girl.

But before Cara "got it," what important query did she ask Kyle -- and the other British guys? And what did Kyle think of Cara at the onset? Watch the duo reminisce about those early days in Spain, share if you think the sparks will continue to fly and don't miss the two (and their fellow competitors) every Tuesday on The Challenge: Vendettas at 9/8c!