Are The Stars Hurting Their Chances by Keeping Ariane On The Challenge?

The former WWE diva may be well-liked on her team, but she's falling short in missions

As a WWE Diva, Ariane Andrew — known in the ring as Cameron — would finish opponents with a signature move called “Girl Bye!” But is it her Challenge team — The Stars — that should be saying goodbye to her?

On tonight’s episode, having lost five straight missions, The Stars found themselves approaching total demoralization. Still, when host Mike “The Miz” Mizanin explained that the next game would get them good and wet, Team Red — spilling over with swimmers — began to get their hopes up.

In “Flag Pole,” competitors would have to individually race down a runway on foot, hop onto a pole that would eventually lean into the water and swim to a bell that would stop each player’s time upon ringing. Players had the choice to pick up flags along the way that would chip away at their times but could also leave them untouched to remain in motion.

When all was said and done, it was Wild 'N Out star Justina Valentine and Bachelorette standout Josh Murray — both members of The Stars — who wound up with the day’s fastest times. Still, thanks to more consistent performances by The Champs, Team Blue came out with the win, effectively blackening the already dark cloud that continued to hang over The Stars.

And while most players completed the task somewhere around 30 seconds (Josh scored a particularly impressive 22 seconds after his deductions), Ariane took more than 40 seconds to complete “Flag Pole,” and her teammates — particularly Olympic volleyball star Kim Glass — began to grow irritated.

“Ariane is really pretty, but I don’t know what else she’s bringing to the table,” Kim said. “It’s time for her to go…I think Ariane is the [Least Valuable Player], I think she’s consistently been the LVP.”

Still, thanks to an ironclad alliance with Justina, UFC fighter Michelle Waterson and TRL host Matt Rife, Ariane found herself safe from The Arena, and Kim accepted her likely fate as the next candidate for elimination from The Stars. Or so she thought…

Though Matt promised the alliance his vote, Kim and Josh — who comprised a second, smaller alliance — ultimately got into his head and convinced him to vote for Ariane. So The Stars wound up in a deadlock when it came to voting for their next LVP, and Champs MVP CT got the honor of casting the deciding vote.

“I could literally slap the taste out of Matt’s mouth,” Ariane threatened. “Matt has just turned this s**t all upside-down.”

To shake things up, CT chose Michelle to battle against The Champs’ nominee, Aneesa. And though Michelle ultimately beat Aneesa, and Michelle’s allies promised to exact revenge against Matt, Matt insisted he’d made the right choice and added that it wasn’t in The Stars’ best interest to keep Ariane around.

“[Ariane] poses no help to any of us,” Matt said. “Kim, I don’t believe is our Least Valuable Player.”

What do you think — are The Stars killing their chances of winning a mission by keeping their weak link on the team? Or is The Challenge more about politicking, and is the bigger alliance smart to keep her for the numerical advantage? Share your thoughts, and see who comes out on top next Wednesday at 10/9c! And don't miss the premiere of The Challenge: Vendettas before the new installment at 9/8c.