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Eminem Describes What Drove Him To Make His 'Bad' Albums

Do Em's picks surprise you?

Eminem's legacy is a Rubik's cube. Revival in title and content is as much about Em's reckoning with his past and present as it is about anti-Trump sentiments. In a new interview with Vulture, Eminem continues this theme by discussing his best and worst albums.

"Encore was mediocre," said Eminem. "And with Relapse — it was the best I could do at that point in time. [Relapse] was a funny album for me because I was just starting back rapping after coming out of addiction. I was so scatterbrained that the people around me thought that I might have given myself brain damage. I was in this weird fog for months. Like, literally I wasn’t making sense; it had been so long since I’d done vocals without a ton of Valium and Vicodin. I almost had to relearn how to rap."

When asked how Eminem felt about Revival, his answer was indifferent.

"I don’t know," said Em. "I feel good enough to put it out. I guess we’ll have to see what the reaction is."

Later in the interview, Eminem described the feeling of competing with his best album and if he still has the same fire as an MC.

"I am forever chasing The Marshall Mathers LP," said the Detroit rapper. "That was the height of what I could do. I just don’t have the rage I did back then. If I did, the music would be the same, and I hope it’s changed. And if I still had that rage it would mean I wouldn’t have grown as an artist or a human being. Technically I feel like I’m better at rhyming than I’ve ever been."

Maybe in a couple of years, Em will give us an update on where he ranks Revival. Until then, guess it is up to fans and critics to debate that topic to death.