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Does Will Smith Think He's A Better Rapper Than Jaden Smith?

The Fresh Prince Of Syre

The house that the Fresh Prince built is having a monumental year. Jaden Smith dropped his debut studio album, SYRE, in November and was caught evoking the spirit of Michael Jackson this weekend. Willow Smith released her sophomore project, The 1st, which saw the young singer artistically coming into her own. Now Will Smith is getting ready for the world to see his direct-to-Netflix movie, Bright on December 22.

At a press conference for the film, Will Smith discussed the burgeoning music careers of Jaden and Willow with HipHopDX. So does the Fresh Prince think he's better than his "Icon" son when it comes to rhymes?

“No, I’m way better than them,” said Will. “That’s a joke, not competitive. When I see those kids they actually inspire me. I don’t feel like Jada and I were teaching [it] but Jaden, of all the people I’ve ever met in my life, I’ve met very few people who legitimately do not care what people think."

Smith continued the conversation highlighting his pride for Jaden.

I’m looking in his eyes and I’m like, "You have to care a little bit." It is unadulterated freedom that I’m actually jealous of. He is so absolutely [and] thoroughly comfortable being him in a way that I had 20 years ago. But what happens when you start to get successful [is that] you get worked into a lane [and] your lane starts to feel comfortable and it gets a little scary to come out when you’re not going to ring the bell, necessarily, that people want rung. When I’m watching Jaden and it’s like I just love that freedom. He’s inspiring me in a really unique and special way. As a parent, it makes me really proud.

Maybe all of this fatherly pride will transition into Will jumping on a track with his son. Can anybody say "Men In Black" 2017 remix?