Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Justin Bieber Is Approaching A Buddy The Elf Level On The Holiday Cheer Scale

And we're here for it 🎅🏻 🎄 ☃️

There's the Christmas spirit, and then there's the Christmas spirit that inspires you to, say, wrap your Mercedes G-Wagon in so much holiday cheer that your wheels are more festive than Santa's own sleigh.

Justin Bieber is fully embracing the latter, as the dude has turned his car into a rolling Christmas card.


Pics of his Mercedes graced his Instagram story of his ride completely and totally covered in Christmas scenes that feature Santa, Christmas trees, tons of snow, and seasons greetings on any available surface.

He's even wrapped the hood like a damn present, bow and all.


Bieber's enthusiasm is heartwarming — and bold! — so even if you're embracing the season with a fraction of the pop star's verve, we'll chalk that up to a huge holiday win.