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Ed Sheeran Is Very Ready And Very Willing To Write The Next James Bond Theme

He's basically waiting by the phone, hoping for a secret mission assignment

For Ed Sheeran, working with Eminem is almost like working with James Bond — well, sort of.

On Ireland's The Late Late Show, Sheeran — clad in a festive Christmas sweater and there to perform "Perfect" — mentioned that he's been so hopeful he'll be asked to contribute a song to an upcoming James Bond film that he's been sitting on a potential Bond theme for years. You know. Just in case Her Majesty's Secret Service happens to call.

"I've had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case," he told The Late Late Show's Ryan Tubridy. The Bond folks have never approached him, but that hasn't discouraged Sheeran from eventually manifesting one of his dreams. That's basically what happened when a collaboration with Eminem came up, and for Sheeran, his thought process behind both projects is pretty similar.

"I just recently done a song with one of my all-time heroes, Eminem, and when we did a song together, I'd already had the song planned, because I was like, 'If I ever work with Eminem, I've got this song,'" he revealed. "It's the same with Bond: If ever I'm called, I'll be like, 'There you go.'"

Adele had "Skyfall," Sam Smith had "Writing's On The Wall" — maybe Sheeran will finally get his opportunity to contribute to 007's legacy in the not-so-distant future.