Run the Jewels, Inc.

Run The Jewels Show Us Exactly How They'd React To An Alien Spider Invasion

Spoiler alert: They're very chill about it

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were, say, going to see Run the Jewels at Madison Square Garden, but the show was interrupted by the sudden attack of a bunch of GIANT TARANTULAS hellbent on terrifying NYC?

Killer Mike and El-P have now taken the guesswork out of the equation for you with the visual for "Call Ticketron," as that's exactly the nightmare that unfolds between the last song of their set and their encore at the World's Most Famous Arena.

The RTJ 3 track finds the partners in rhyme facing a completely empty venue as flying saucers cross the Manhattan skyline and some gigantic creepy crawlies shoot lasers/wreak general havoc on the streets of New York. Mike and El then roll through the dark labyrinth of MSG's backstage area until they make their way outside, the angry sky above them flashing red before Mike sparks a blunt and they take in the extraterrestrial mayhem surrounding them.

Also, please appreciate this googly-eyed street dancer in the midst of all the madness who makes a solid case for acquiring an aluminum foil cape.

Run the Jewels, Inc.

Calling it now: When the apocalypse arrives, I'd like to be in the company of RTJ and definitely on their alien-fighting team, as they've got this whole world-ending emergency routine down pat.