'Who's Real?': Nev And Max Are Asking Tough Catfish Questions

The detectives will seek justice beginning on January 3

Nev and Max's Catfish work always finds the two seeking the truth -- but this upcoming season will test them on the topic like never before.

In a first look at the brand-new stories, which will be broadcast beginning on January 3, the MTV heroes set out to help love hopefuls get much-needed answers about suspicious internet relationships like always. But in the clip, below, Nev and Max, who are about to commemorate ONE HUNDRED Catfish episodes, also pose some difficult questions and thoughts to the audience as they seek the truth.

"Who's real and who's not?" Max asks. It's double the secrets, double the surprises and double the reveals.

Check out what's coming up this season, and be sure to tune-in when the Catfish tales begin on Wednesday, January 3 at 10/9c.