And That's A Dap: Here's How The MTV Floribama Shore Crew Closed Out The Summer

It was a one hell of a ride

Following a few heart-to-hearts with their parental units, the MTV Floribama Shore gang buried the ratchet shenanigans hatchet and bonded Jersey Shore-style -- aka with a nice family dinner in the form of a low-country boil (well yeah, it had a Southern twist).

But exactly how did the summer end individually for our favorite group of Gulf Coasters? Let's just say after several screaming matches, this gang has come a long way...

  • Nilsa

    After getting her hunch on and her heart broken all in the span of a week, it occurred to Nilly she might need more than 10 months to get over her ex-husband. "I'm now realizing that maybe I'm not ready [for a relationship]," she said. "There's a lot of emotions I'm still needing to deal with to move on with my life."

  • Aimee

    Our resident princess-goddess-mermaid finally got over her cheating ex and uttered those three little words we've been longing to hear since day one: "I love myself." (And we love you, too, boo!)

  • Candace

    The wise one might not have landed herself a man quite yet (your loss, Matthew), but she still ended the summer feeling pretty "hashtag blessed."

  • Kortni

    Fresh out of her parents' house, the young PCB local kicked off the summer remaining true to her namesake, but she quickly matured after changing her "pottying" ways.

  • Jeremiah

    Sheltered no more, the jacked Jacksonville native found himself with a fresh outlook after having been schooled in the ways of Southern drama and bar fights.

  • Gus

    While the sensitive 22-year-old wasn't able to properly wife up over the summer, he did get himself a solid workout partner and seems to have found his calling as the next Fabio.

  • Kirk

    After mending his friendship with Aimee, Kirk returned to Atlanta to work on his anger issues (especially when it comes to grilled chicken).

  • Codi

    The South Carolina native and "old folks" bartender was just happy to make friends with the under-60 crowd... and continues to hone his twerking skills.

Don't worry: This isn't the last we will see of this crazy Southern crew! Stay tuned with MTV News for more updates on MTV Floribama Shore!