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Women Will Present Every Single Honor At The SAG Awards

It's a win for female empowerment

This year's SAG Awards will celebrate girl power. How? The 2018 ceremony will feature all female presenters alongside its host, Kristen Bell.

In past years, the ceremony has paired one man and one woman to present each award. This year, however, the show decided to cut the male presenters in an act of solidarity with the woman speaking against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. SAG Awards executive producer Kathy Connell told The Hollywood Reporter, "This is a unifying salute to women who have been very brave and speaking up."

Naturally, men will still be honored during the ceremony, with Morgan Freeman receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, and other men appearing on stage to introduce video clips from their nominated shows. "We don’t want to slight the men who have given great performances this year — knowing our membership, I’m sure our men will embrace the opportunity to honor women," Connell said.

Still, the gesture isn't meant to distract from the jovial tone of the evening. “It’s still an awards show and a celebration — we’re not here to preach to anybody,” she added. “To me, just having some of these fabulous women onstage sends its own message.”

The nominees for the 2018 awards were also announced today, with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Lady Bird topping the film nominations, and Big Little Lies, Stranger Things, and Glow leading the TV nominations. Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Millie Bobby Brown, and Mary J. Blige are among the female nominees.

The female-dominated 2018 SAG Awards will air on TNT and TBS on Sunday, January 18.