Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Nick Jonas Heads Into The Bullring For His New 'Home' Video

Ferdinand the Bull would be proud of this flamenco dance party

Nick Jonas may have "Welcome to the Jungle" stuck in his head, but another major movie he's involved with is premiering this week — and with it comes a heartfelt, Golden Globe-nominated song and a compelling visual to match.

Ferdinand the Bull opens a week before Jumanji does, with Ferdinand debuting December 15 and Jumanji swinging into theaters on December 20. As such, Jonas has a very busy few days before him, though he's taken a break from the Jumanji premiere circuit to share a few words about his music video for "Home," which he wrote for the animated flick about a bull that loves flowers way more than it loves fighting.

In "Home," Jonas picks up a classical guitar and is joined by a group of people who come from "all different walks of life." That includes a couple of flourishing flamenco dancers, and they all dance together in the final measures of the track.

Be sure to catch both Ferdinand the Bull and Jumanji in theaters if you're looking for a Jonas double-feature!