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Bryson Tiller Reveals He Was Cyber-Bullied Into A 'Dark Place' After Trapsoul

Leave Pen Griffey alone

All that glitters isn't gold or necessarily Trapsoul. In an illuminating new interview with Tim Westwood, Bryson Tiller described being in a "dark, dark place" after the release of his debut album.

"Last year, I guess leading up after Trapsoul, I kinda, like, lost my confidence in a way," said Tiller. "You know what I'm saying? I talked about this a few times. But I don't know, I guess just listening to all the naysayers, and like — I was just telling somebody, like, I'm my biggest hater and my worst critic."

Tiller continued revealing how he often agreed with much of the slander.

"So when I see all these people saying things," said Bryson. "It's just lik, I'm agreeing with them. I'm like, yeah I agree with you. I knew that, but it just confirmed it for me. It's just like all these things took a toll on me."

Overall, the interview ended on a positive note. Tiller mentioned being focused for his daughter and moving past the negativity. Which is good news since he announced two upcoming projects that split his rapping persona "God Tiller" from his singing one.