Can Champs Vs. Stars Newbie Tori Beat The Odds And Fight Until The End?

The 'Challenge XXX' finalist is fresh off a stellar performance, but still has something to prove

The gold medal may have eluded rookie Challenge contestant Tori on the Dirty Thirty finale, but her entry onto the new Champs vs. Stars season included taking down one of the Olympic Games’ greatest.

The question is, will she stay alive?

On tonight’s episode, having lost the likes of Camila, Ashley and Jenna across a series of events, The Champs found themselves with their backs against the wall. Aneesa and Emily lamented that they were the only women left on the team, and would have to fight an uphill battle.

And then, Tori walked in.

Fresh off her third-place finish on Season 30, Tori instantly revived The Champs’ morale, and CT, Johnny and Aneesa, who all competed with Tori on the show’s most recent installment, realized they were suddenly out of the red.

“[She’s] an absolute fierce competitor,” Bananas said, while CT noted “I know what Tori can do — she’s very athletic, she’s very smart, strong-willed.”

And Tori proved CT right in “Push Ball,” a bigger-than-life game of soccer that challenged teams — as a single unit — to get a Titan-sized ball into the opponents’ goal (or over it for additional points). Without breaking a sweat, The Champs sailed to an 8-0 victory, and continued their dominance over The Stars, who still hadn’t won a single mission.

While Tori was a huge asset in the match, Aneesa — voted The Champs’ MVP — ultimately decided to spare Emily from a match in The Arena and send Tori into the elimination round, instead. Tori swore there were no hard feelings, and said she’d fight like hell to come back.

“I think I’m gonna just have to take this one on the chin, and fight for my life,” Tori said. “If I were to come in and then be the one girl that was afraid to go into an elimination, it would just look like our team had a weakness. It’s what I had to do.”

And Tori done did it.

After The Stars shocked everyone by voting Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson into the elimination round to break up her small-but-solid alliance, Tori showed why she was Rookie of the Challenge Year. In “Lasso Me,” Shawn and Tori — each armed with one hula hoop — were tasked with a very simple objective: get the hoop around your opponent. Tori’s size (she’s 11 inches taller than Shawn) ultimately proved to be too much for the Olympian to handle, and with a few quick flicks of her wrist, Tori was back in the game, and Shawn was gone.

“I just went to Muscle Town, bro,” Tori said. “I get a gold medaaaaal!”

But will she get the gold medal?

What do you think — is Tori’s Stars vs. Champs performance so far a sign that she can make it to the end? Or, was her victory over Shawn a fluke, and are there way too many obstacles still in her way? Share your thoughts, and see how she performs on Tuesday at 10/9c!