PRETTYMUCH And French Montana Throw A Chill House Party In 'No More' Video

It's a stylish clip shot from different perspectives

Ever since hitting the scene earlier in 2017, the self-described dance crew/vocal harmony group (and yes, boy band) PRETTYMUCH have made their look and their story central to their rising popularity. As they told MTV News at the 2017 VMAs, the five members live in one big house together and walk around harmonizing, just like you assumed they would from the music videos they've put out.

Now, there's a new one out for "No More," their collaboration with French Montana, and unsurprisingly, it shows them in one big house, singing and dancing and being good hosts.

Across its four minutes, the "No More" video continually shifts film styles, from the more cinematic letterboxed look of the roof scenes to the Super 8/home-movie quality of the intimate interior shots and beyond, as if we're getting the same events from a multiple of perspectives — say, I don't know, five of them?

French is there too, though he's relegated to the driveway. Still, pretty cool to have PRETTYMUCH dancing around you as you deliver your verse.

The "No More" video is the latest piece of information that suggests PRETTYMUCH's debut album is coming very soon, likely in 2018. Get caught up with the group with the desk report below by MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson.