Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Lily Allen Returns To Cast Out All The Toxic People On 'Trigger Bang'

With a little help from Giggs

Three and a half years ago, Lily Allen released her last album, Sheezus, also known as the one with the awesome corgis on the cover. Since then, we haven't heard too much from her. But on Tuesday (December 12), Allen returned with a brand-new song called "Trigger Bang" which sadly does not feature corgis as part of its cover art.

It does, however, feature the British rapper Giggs on the track and in the artwork. In the song, Allen traces her path forward from being a younger, more impressionable version of herself and getting tangled in a web spun by toxic people around her: "Anything went, I was famous / I would wake up next to strangers / Everyone knows what cocaine does / Numbing the pain when the shame comes, hey."

By the end (and in the song's refrain), Allen's resolved to say goodbye to her old "bad bones" so she can keep it positive. "If you cool my ambitions," she sings, "I'm gonna cut you out."

"Trigger Bang" was produced by London's Fryers. Producer Mark Ronson, who helped cook up "Littlest Things" on Allen's 2006 debut, teased working with Allen in the studio back in October 2016 on a batch of music he called "some of the best songs she's written."

We'll have to wait and see if those see are the next ones up for release after "Trigger Bang." In the meantime, Allen is hard at work on her own memoir, set to be published in fall 2018.