MTV Floribama Shore Heartbreak: Should Josh Have Kicked Nilly To The Curb?

All she did was call her ex. Jeez

Nilsa's MTV Floribama Shore rendezvous with her beloved "barrel-chested freedom fighter" fizzled about as quickly as it started and, tbh, we're heartbroken for her.

Tonight's episode showed the PCB native positively giddy over the arrival of Jeremiah's brother, Josh. It had only been one week since their initial hunch, and Nilly was ready to marry smitten with the U.S. Marine. And it seemed that Josh was equally into Nilly -- mere minutes into his weekend visit, he gifted her with a stuffed pig unicorn and asked her out on a romantic date of miniature golf.

But their love soon went south (pun intended) when the subject of Nilly's ex-husband came up, and Josh asked if he was still alive. The young divorcée then confessed that she "hadn't talked to him in [two] weeks." Memo to Josh: If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.

After the pair proceeded to get ready for a rousing game of putt-putt, Josh dropped the heartbreaking bombshell Nilsa definitely didn't want to hear: "I don't want to go on this date, to be honest with you. You don't really sound like a girl who wants a serious relationship if you're calling your ex just to talk. It sounds like a red flag to the max."

This news prompted Nilsa to pack her bags and leave the shore house -- until Aimee gave her all the truth tea and cleverly pointed out that "his shoes don't even match his clothes."

During their heart-to-heart on the beach (while Josh aired his grievances to the guys because boys vs. girls), the wise blonde continued, "You know what will make you look like a fool? If you f**king pack your sh*t up right now and go home over a f*cking guy you knew for a week. Do you really wanna do that?"

Aimee continued: "What is wrong with people? Don't f*cking make no f*cking date and bring her a ugly-ass unicorn and then tell her that you can't talk to her no more because she called her ex a week before she met you. That don't even make sense."

Do you agree with the Princess Goddess Mermaid, or does Josh have a valid point? Express yourself, then tune in to the MTV Floribama Shore finale (say it ain't so!) next Monday at 10/9c.