Rick Kern/Getty Images for Ford Motor Company

Lady Gaga Is So Ready For Christmas, She Became An Elf

And her sister rocked a Mrs. Claus costume at a holiday party

Holiday party season, that hallowed time of year when people put on strange sweaters and cook up industrial-sized tubs of spiced beverages, is here. You might be planning something small at work or a bigger soirée with pals — but whatever you're planning, let Lady Gaga show you how it's done.

Over the weekend, Gaga attended a proper festive shindig with her sister, Natali, dressed as a more Zelda than Galadriel-looking elf.

Her Instagram page is a treasure trove of elf cosplay snapshots taken at various angles. There's a pic of Gaga and her stylist, Tom Eerebout, matching as elves in green, and another of the entire party crew gathered around a couch, with Gaga in the center. One dude is just a Christmas tree. Like, that's his costume.

So take note as you head further into the snowy season of White Elephant bashes and free food-laden corporate festivities: It's easy to rock a Santa hat. It's much harder to get the pointy shape of the ears correct. But if you follow Gaga's lead, you might get there. Or at least halfway there.

And in case you need a refresher on Gaga's ever-chameleoning style and personas, we've got you covered in the MTV News video below.