Louis Tomlinson And His Four Mates Get Loaded In Bleary-Eyed 'Miss You' Video

It's all fun and games until the lights come on

Louis Tomlinson's "Miss You," which dropped last week, is the quintessential LT experience. Amid talk of "glazed-over eyes" and "just one more pint or five," Louis pines for someone between attempts to drive that same person out of his mind. This all happens over some crunchy guitars (his favorite), background whoas, and eventually, even a string section. It's a Big song with a Big sound.

That comes partially from the touch of producer Julian Bunetta, one of the chief architects of One Direction's sound (beginning with Take Me Home). Indeed, "Miss You" sounds the most like a 1D tune out of any of Louis' solo ventures so far. And on Friday (December 8), Louis dropped the "Miss You" video, which, if you squint, could resemble a 1D video, too.

"Miss You" devotes plenty of time to Louis palling around, knocking back pints and shots with a group of his mates — four of them, to be precise — then soberly realizing, "Shit, maybe I miss you." You could read into that any way you want, man.

Louis has yet to announce a proper solo LP, but chances are good that "Miss You" will be on it, perhaps alongside previous singles "Just Like You" and "Back to You." No word on whether or not he'll be singing it at Warped Tour 2018.