Are You The One? Update: Are Clinton And Uche Still Together?

Even though they weren't a perfect match, their bond seemed unbreakable

Clinton and Uche were arguably the strongest no-match couple in the Are You the One? Season 6 house. That heartbreaking Truth Booth reveal...

But have the couple -- who actually went so far as to discuss what they would name their kiddos and their future together pre-TB -- made it work outside of the Big Easy?

So just how serious are the two? They actually made it boyfriend/girlfriend official on the stage (you can re-watch it in the video below). Commitment FTW.

While it might be too soon for them to call them husband and wife (Season 1 lovebirds Amber and Ethan are the only couple from the series to have that special distinction), these two seem to be going strong -- Uche's mama even loves Clinton! Do you think their romance will last? Take our poll below, and share your favorite Are You the One? memories in the comments.