These Are You The One? Season 6 Cast Members Found Romance With Fellow Alumni

There's something in that 'AYTO' water...

Are You the One? is all about finding your perfect match, but it seems that a bunch of Season 6 cast members share (or shared) a spark with with guys and gals from previous installments. Nothing brings folks together like a common experience on the same dating show.

During Part 2 of the reunion special, the entire gang opened up about what happened in the Boom Boom Room New Orleans to host Terrence J and revealed their current relationship statuses. Take a look at the mashup real-life AYTO couples/hookups below and share your theories on whether or not you think the lovebirds will last.

  • Anthony and Shannon

    "Tyler who?" The Season 5 alum and her man met through Dimitri and have been together for roughly three months.

  • Audrey and Hunter

    The two "hooked up" after a rowdy night out, but she insists that they are "not talking." We see that big grin, A...(and think you're probably still chatting with the Dirty 30 competitor).

  • Nurys and Nelson

    A bit more serious: The pair is "casually dating" and "trying everything out." But Nurys had nothing but praise for the Challenge player -- calling him an "amazing guy" and "everything that she's ever wanted." Do we smell a real future together?

  • Alexis and Michael (Season 5)

    Road trip! Alexis admitted that she was visiting the law student in his home state of Florida and they are planning "to hang out."

  • Keith and Carolina

    When pre-season crushes turn into real-life romances! And sliding into those DMs.