Paul Morigi/WireImage

Rihanna Has Found Her Version Of An Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

...And it involves approximately half the solar system and leopard print

A coat embroidered with cats wearing crowns, the solar system, and more sequins than a Vegas casino costume closet is a difficult garment to pull off, but naturally Rihanna did so effortlessly for a brisk night out in NYC.

Before heading to Chris Rock's Total Blackout tour, she posted a pic of her head-to-toe look, which involved an inky blue lip and an epic, floor-dusting coat that would (and likely did) stop traffic with its intricate, eye-catching details.

Rock was apparently a fan, too. (Or maybe he was just generally starstruck by Ri's attendance at his own gig, as it's hardly surprising that she inspired a geek-out from the headliner himself when she hung out with him backstage.)

Either way, this is a piece of outerwear that can easily overwhelm the brave soul wearing it — and it appears that it finally met its match in the bold gal.