Who's To Blame For The Latest MTV Floribama Shore Drama?

It was a bet (that wasn't really a bet) gone bad

In what was perhaps the worst unofficial game of telephone ever, tonight's MTV Floribama Shore showed us the repercussions that can come from engaging in too much he-said, she-said business.

What was supposed to be a fun night out at Players became a nightmare (Jeremiah's words) when one of Nilsa's PCB gal pals wound up in tears after discovering she was the butt of a "bet" gone bad.

To recap: After Nilly's friend Katrina arrived and caught the attention of every guy in the house (minus Codi, apparently), Kirk asked the question on everyone's minds: "So who's gonna win this little competition?" While Gus found the odds in his favor, Jeremiah admitted there's zero contest.

"You know them girls like them nerds, bro," he stated. "I'll throw on my Superman glasses, and then guess what? She's flying away with me, baby. Just call her Lois Lane."

But when Codi made the rookie mistake of mentioning the boys' race for Katrina's heart to Nilsa, she took his words of a "bet" literally and told her friend everything. Cue Codi's defense: "I didn't mean it like that. When I say bet, I don't mean like a bet where there's money involved. Now I realize you can't really talk to females about guy talk. They don't get it."

Nilly was quick to blame Gus, who she's disliked ever since he tried to eat cheesecake off the floor during their date. But whether Nilsa intentionally stirred the pot (per Codi) or not, she made a valid point: "When you are told there's a bet going on between what guy can get you first, it's kind of like at that point -- you're not even a girl anymore, you're a prize. And it's just fun and games for them."

If we were playing the blame game, it would be a toss-up, as many of the housemates played a small part in pegging Katrina as a prize to be won -- even Candace inquired as to who had a better chance with the new girl.

But who do you think is more in the wrong? Tell us in the comments, and catch a new episode of MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.