Trust Us: You've Never Heard 'America The Beautiful' Performed Like This Before

In a sneak peek of MTV's 'Amazingness,' a man does the song without vocals or an instrument

"America the Beautiful" is a timeless, patriotic classic -- and the highly recognizable tune is about to get an amazing rendition.

In a sneak peek of Rob Dyrdek's brand-new talent show Amazingness, a man is about to offer his unique take on the USA-themed anthem. No, he isn't using his vocals or a (conventional) instrument.

"There's a lot of different things that you can do with your hands," Rob states in the clip above. "But this man right here, he's borderline magical. Welcome the one and only one-man hand." So hands are definitely involved...

But how does his performance unfold -- and what is his rendition of "America the Beautiful" like? Watch the humorous clip above to hear it in all its glory, then be sure to watch the series premiere of Amazingness on Friday at 10:30/9:30 (right after a new installment of Ridiculousness at 10/9c.) Plus, if you want to show off your amazing talent, enter Amazingness’ digital talent show here for a chance to win some major cash.