Poll: Is Riff Raff Going To Quit Champs Vs. Stars?

He’s been trying to nominate himself into a 'Challenge' elimination round -- but his team keeps holding him back

Never before has a sacrificial lamb had so much trouble scheduling slaughter.

On tonight’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars episode, a few troubling trends continued. First: The Stars couldn’t seem to buy a win, and suffered their third straight loss in “Slam Ball,” a glorified game of three-on-three basketball for which the court was a collection of trampolines. The Champs dominated the game, and Zach — for his dominance — earned his second MVP honor.

And second: Riff Raff was denied a spot in the looming men’s elimination round…again. Even though he pleaded his case, and insisted he was ready to take out a member of The Champs, his team wasn’t willing to risk losing to him, insisting his stellar “Slam Ball” performance was proof it was wise to keep him around.

“We’re, at this point, still trying to do this whole fair point system, so we’re not even considering Riff Raff,” Olympic silver medalist and USA volleyball mainstay Kim Glass said.

Unfortunately, this didn’t sit well with Riff Raff, and after Romeo was eventually voted into The Arena to square off against Wes — The Champs’ delegate — Riff fumed.

“I feel like I’m back in high school…in detention, and I don’t know what the hell’s going on,” he said. “I honestly don’t think anyone on my team gives a flying f--- about me…I swear to god I’m about to jump up and leave.”

And so, he kind of did — he decided to abstain from the duel completely, which, in turn, pissed off his team.

“I think we’re family,” Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson said. “Family supports family, and I think he made a pretty big statement tonight that he’s not willing to be here to support his family.”

Now, there’s no telling whether Riff will return, but does he have a right to leave if that is, indeed, his choice, and should his team have granted his elimination-round wish?

What do you think — has Riff Raff already run his Challenge course, and do you think he’s done for good? Or, is he gonna stick things out, and is it only a matter of time before he’s back on the battlefield? Take our poll below, share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out Tuesday at 10/9c!