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Why Nev And Max Think Their Wives Will Be Catfish Game Changers

The ladies are joining their spouses on the upcoming season

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are used to discussing Catfish stories with each other -- gotta love those car chats and hotel "plan of attack" meetings. But when the brand-new season premieres after the New Year (specifically, January 3), the guys will open up about the unique cases with their partners, Laura Perlongo Schulman and Priscila Joseph, as they solve the MTV mysteries (with more cases on their home turf of Los Angeles). It's the First Catfish Wives Club!

So what type of perspective do the detectives think their significant others will bring to the docu-series?

"One of the reasons I am in love with her is she really gets me," Nev, who shares a daughter Cleo with his Mrs., recently told MTV News. "She knows when I’m being real, she knows when I’m not being real, she knows how I think. Laura is really good at calling me out or pointing out things that I might be ignoring, which is helpful -- but she’s also really intuitive and sensitive. And so I think especially when it comes to any issue involving a woman, she has a very valuable opinion and perspective to offer that Max and I, for any number of reasons, can’t really understand or come up with on our own."

Max, meanwhile, believes his significant other will offer a "different point of view."

"She’s from Brazil and lived for awhile in Europe, so she brings a lot of cultural perspective to this show," he explains. "Things that are uniquely American that I don’t even think are American, it is very refreshing to talk to her about it. She points out [that something] might be a cultural thing...not a just a personal or psychological thing."

And there are perks to being in his natural environment with Pri.

"It’s great to be home," Max continues. "We got married the year we started making the show. Since then, [Nev and I] have been traveling 10 months of the year, every year. So it’s going to be great to finally be together."

Are you looking forward to hearing Laura/Priscila's take? Sound off in the comments, and stay with MTV News for more coverage leading up to the premiere on Wednesday, January 3 at 10/9c! And check out a glimpse of the upcoming season in the clip below.