Rihanna Wore A Starfish-Covered Outfit And Now I Need A Starfish-Covered Outfit

So, basically, Rihanna is a mermaid

Rihanna is the best possible spokesperson for her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, because she not only wears it, but gives it the normal treatment — i.e. she shows it off while she's out dancing with her friends on a night out instead of solely relying on billboards and fancy ad campaigns.

That, and she does so while wearing an ensemble that involves both frosty eyeshadow and a bodysuit/blouse/scarf combination that's printed with gigantic starfish. In short, if mermaids had legs (and were, well, real), Rihanna would make one excellent, fashion-forward mermaid.

Ri's Instagram story currently documents her night spent dancing to live music and goofing off with her buds, but she made sure to highlight her outfit and the cosmic shades of her makeup. (Note her eyeshadow and the blue of her starfish suit are nearly identical.)

Even if matching your makeup to your shirt — and scarf, and bodysuit, and the rest of your outfit — isn't necessarily your thing, Rihanna definitely makes a case for it.