John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV

Miley Cyrus Just Immortalized Another One Of Her Puppies With A New Tattoo

🍁 Mary Jane forever (like, literally) 🐶

When it comes to paying tribute to her beloved pets, Miley Cyrus is basically a walking art gallery inked with images of her pups.

Miley has an eclectic collection of tattoos, which draw inspiration from Johnny Cash, the galaxy, Liam Hemsworth's snacking habits, and her furry family.

She has the face of her late shetland sheepdog Emu tattooed on one arm, and it appears that her pitbull Mary Jane just got the permanent portrait treatment as well.

That's dedication, and we'd expect nothing less from the oh-so-proud mama to Mary Jane. (Hell, she's already got one "Mary Jane"-inspired tattoo, so consider this commitment to a theme as well.)