Mike Coppola/MTV1617/Getty Images for MTV

Kim Kardashian's Latest Beauty Success Is Inspired By A Kanye West Song

It's definitely the perfect name for KKW's highlighter

Kim Kardashian's empire just keeps growing, and the latest addition to her makeup line is one named for one of the most quoted tracks off Kanye West's last album.

For the drop of KKW Beauty's Ultralight Beam highlighters, Kim celebrated by turning herself into one head-to-toe ultralight beam herself. She was covered in glitter to the point where anyone looking directly at her probably should've been wearing shades, and the sparkly vibe was on-point for the range of glosses and powders borrowing their name from the heavenly TLOP cut.

She's continuing to take after little sis/beauty maven Kylie Jenner, in that the Ultralight Beams are selling out pretty quick — so snap 'em up, especially if you're into this cosmically gorgeous aesthetic.

Maybe it's the need for an ethereal glow, or maybe it's the desire to dress up like a God dream — either way, it's great to see Kim show love to her beloved with a simple tribute.