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We Do Give A F--k About Big Sean's New Album On The Way

Metro Boomin want some more!

Metro Boomin obviously trusts Big Sean, because the two just announced they are releasing a joint album. While the title and release date are still under wraps, the pair did describe their shared work ethic in an interview with Billboard.

“That’s one of the things me and Metro are like-minded on,” said Sean. “Maybe it has something to do with us being from the Midwest. We have that goal of wanting to succeed not just for ourselves, but for everybody who’s listening.”

In the past, Sean and Metro have collaborated on songs like the 2016 hit "Bounce Back" and most recently “Pull Up N Wreck” featuring 21 Savage. So it makes sense that they are journeying to complete a full-length album. Earlier this year, Metro helped artists like 21 Savage, Offset, and Nav deliver cohesive statements with him leading the charge behind the boards. Maybe Sean and Metro can follow in the footsteps of Jay-Z and No ID, sweeping Grammy nominations by giving us a one-rapper, one-producer album next season.

Later in the interview, Big Sean described his drive for creating the project.

“It ain’t about status,” said Sean. “It’s about what you’re bringing to the table: how we’re going to progress humanity, how we’re going to give people something to work out to, to live to, to upgrade to.”

Read the entire interview here.