This Former Couple Catfish-ed Each Other Without Knowing It

But did their actions bring them together -- or tear them apart?

In the history of Catfish, there have been love hopefuls who knew their dishonest other parties outside of their digital correspondence (Candic and Titus, as well Ebony and Brandon -- who were initially Shawny and Jack -- come to mind). But just when you think you have seen it all on the long-running series, Nev and Max uncovered a first during tonight's premiere episode: A former couple who were both using inauthentic photographs -- and had no idea they were actually speaking to each other under the guise of their fake exteriors.

Let's back up and explain this twisted tale: 17-year-old Le'Vonte emailed the guys because his mom Sheklia was in a new relationship with a man named Talli. But the teen had reservations about the romance: When Le'Vonte said he wanted to meet her parent's beau, Sheklia deflected and said he was "busy" (OH THE B WORD).

But when Nev and Max spoke with Le'Vonte and Sheklia in St. Louis, the latter had quite a surprise.

"I was texting [Talli] from a fake profile," Sheklia told a visibly shocked Nev about her alter ego Kerry (it was created to get back at an ex). DOUBLE REVEAL TIME!

Turns out, Talli was just as guilty. Sheklia was communicating with her ex Terrence, and both managed made-up accounts and were (clearly) unaware who they were actually messaging. Bring on the "oh my god" and "are you serious?" statements.

"Wait, you know this guy? How do you know this guy?" an incredulous Nev asked.

"We dated like 10, 11 years ago," the mother exclaimed.

While Nev was encouraged that it was "destiny" that they were brought back together, the erstwhile lovebirds were quick to say it was not an amicable split.

Just how bad? Sheklia spilled that Terrence had "three kids on me" while they were together and he was just a "H-O-E." Terrence was just as uncomplimentary and said he "definitely didn't get what he wanted."

While S and T were able to mend their wounds in the candid wrap-up chat, the obligatory post debrief brought up an interesting relationship development.

"We've been talking every day," Sheklia stated, adding that he was coming to visit her and "hang out."

Terrence's take? "I told her whenever she is ready to let me know. You gotta be friends first before anything happens."

Is all's well that ends well? Nev and Max certainly think that might be the case. But do you think this Catfish couple has a happy future together -- or will the past continue to haunt them? Take our poll below, share your take on this unreal installment below and keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c.