Pamela Littky

Double Exposure: The New Season Of Catfish Will Have Twice The Twists

Plus, for good measure, there'll be lots of family time with Nev

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have hunted and captured catfish for the past several years. And when the detectives return to MTV, they'll be ready to untangle the deepest and darkest webs the series has ever seen.

The explosive new season, which is set to premiere on January 3, will take viewers on a thrilling ride of mystery and deceit. In each episode, our resident sleuths will “double expose” each person in the relationship, revealing shocking truths and unexpected twists. Translation: The guys won’t only be searching for the catfish -- they will also expose secrets the hopeful has kept. THE PLOT THICKENS...

But that's not the only first: Newlywed Nev will take his investigations home with him and invite the audience to become better acquainted with his wife Laura and daughter Cleo. As he does everything from protecting his nest to exploring strangers’ online romantic relationships, fans will get to see how Nev's work impacts his clan. At home with the Schulmans!

Ready for more Catfish? Stay with MTV News for more updates as the season approaches, and don't miss the new episodes when they begin on Wednesday, January 3.