Challenge Poll: Can The Champs Survive Losing So Many Team Members?

The squad may be undefeated, but it's rapidly dwindling

The good news for the Challenge Champions? When it comes to the second season of Champs vs. Stars, they are undefeated.

The bad news? They’ve lost three players in only two missions’ time, and it looks like a fourth might soon have to ship out too.

On Tuesday night’s episode, having already lost Cory and Camila, the team of experienced Challenge competitors continued to assert their dominance over the game. Thanks to commanding performances by CT, Emily and Johnny Bananas, Team Blue handily won “Parkour The Course,” a gym buff’s dream mission that challenged players to face off in high-octane rounds of cat and mouse.

Sadly, what went up had to come down, literally, for Jenna. While chasing Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson across the course, she leapt off a wall and came down on her ankle hard. Initially, it seemed like her injury might have just been a twist or sprain, but upon further examination by the doctor, Jenna learned she’d fractured her ankle and would have to withdraw from the game to undergo surgery.

But the madness wasn’t over. Only a short time later, Ashley learned her father — who’d been discovered unconscious by her brothers — had begun to worsen in the hospital. Ashley said there was even a chance her family might have to pull the plug on him.

“I am so heartbroken for Ashley — this is a tragic event, and I hate that she’s going through this,” Emily said while attempting to console her friend.

Ashley, more bluntly, observed: “Our team went to s--t.”

No kidding.

Now, host Mike “The Miz” Mizanin hasn’t given The Champs any indication that they’ll get a new player to compensate for their two (and possibly three) unforeseen losses. So where do The Champs go from here? Will the team be able to keep their winning streak alive, and can they compensate for their unexpected deficit? Or is their sudden shortfall too much to handle, and are The Stars poised for a comeback? Cast your vote below, and see how things shake out Tuesday at 10/9c!