Love On The Slopes: Does Marc Stand A Shot With Taylar On Hunter Mountain?

If at first you don't succeed...

Throw a group of sexy single strangers together in a mountain lodge, and hookups will happen. (Hey, just ask any Are You The One? castie.)

Tonight's Winter Break: Hunter Mountain series premiere certainly saw the housemates mingling and making merry (for the most part), but one potential couple stood out amongst the rest: Marc and Taylar.

The pre-med student took note of Taylar almost immediately, and the two did what any pair of 21-year-olds do when they first meet -- they played a nice, rousing game of ping pong.

Though the newly single Taylar felt somewhat of a connection with Marc, she made it clear she's not in any hurry to couple up. Said the Californian of recently cutting ties with her high-school sweetheart, "I'm just ready to have a good time and spread my wings and see what happens." Amen, sister.

Nevertheless, Marc was gearing up to reel in his new lady love while many of the other housemates were on a mission to shred the slopes. "Taylar's the hottest girl, she caught my attention right away," the New Jersey native confessed. "I might pull out the fishin' rod, get Taylar in there and hook her in."

Marc's way of sealing the deal following a make-out sesh and an exchange of sweet somethings at the club? Asking Taylar for an exclusive invitation into her bed -- thanks to a pep talk from Sheen.

Tay's response? "No. You can sleep right here next to me on the floor." Ouch. But hey, if at first you don't succeed...

Despite shunning her bedmate for the evening, Taylar was definitely feeling Marc on some level. So could he have a chance? Sound off with your thoughts and find out what's next for these two next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!