Challenge Comeback: Is There Any Stopping Emily On Champs Vs. Stars?

The ‘Rivals II’ winner is making the most of her reunion tour…and then some

On the premiere of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, Emily assured viewers they’d see her in the final mission. And after the show’s most recent battle, she proved any argument to the contrary might be tough to make.

On tonight’s episode, the Rivals II victor — who hasn’t appeared on the series since her 2013 win — continued to dominate the competition. After helping to lead The Champs to victory with a strong showing in “Tow Truck,” the trainer continued her dominant streak, and shined in a gym buff’s dream challenge.

In “Parkour the Course,” the Champs and Stars learned they’d compete in a series of two-man, head-to-head heats, during which one player from one team would try to collect as many flags as possible across an obstacle course, while a second player from the other team would try to tag his or her opponent, officially stopping the round’s time (all the while, players on the sidelines could try to strike opponents with slingshots, and successful contact would also stop the clock). The team that earned the most points after all heats ended would be named the winner, and Emily, for one, wasn’t willing to give The Stars any wiggle room.

While most players were lucky to break 10 points, Emily tore onto the course like a bat out of hell, and by the time she was struck by a slingshot snipe, she’d had earned 30 points, officially making her the day’s second-highest earner (Johnny Bananas racked up 31) and The Champs’ very easy choice for MVP.

And, as the day’s victor, Emily banked $5,000 for Girls Incorporated, which ventures to help young women be “Strong, Smart and Bold” through advocacy work.

“I’m stoked, I’m kind of psycho, and I want to be the best out here no matter what,” Emily said. “I’m here to show that I can be MVP every time, and I’m really excited.”

And Emily’s record speaks for itself — she’s made it to the final in all previous “Challenge” appearances and is 5-0 in elimination rounds, having sent home the likes of heavy-hitters like Paula (twice), Cara Maria and even Abram en route.

So, what do you think — is Emily a sure thing for the Champs vs. Stars finale, and will she defend her Challenge title? Or, have some of The Stars’ ladies proven they’ve got potential, and will they eventually be a threat to the Crossfit Queen? Share your thoughts, and see how Em continues to perform Tuesday at 10/9c!