Coco Strums Its Way Through A Heartwarming Debut At The Box Office

'Justice League' is no match for Miguel and his adventures in the Land of the Dead

Día de los Muertos may have kicked off November, but it looks like audiences are eager to celebrate the holiday just before the month wraps up as Coco is winning over the Thanksgiving box office.

Disney-Pixar's latest animated masterpiece — which follows a young, aspiring musician named Miguel who winds up on a quest to learn more about his family in the Land of the Dead — is on track to clear $70 million for its first weekend in theaters, by The Hollywood Reporter's numbers. It's out-pacing its blockbuster competition, Justice League, which should bring in $61 million before Monday rolls around.

As far as traditions go, it's all too appropriate that Coco comes out on top after turkey: Disney-Pixar flicks have performed beautifully over the holiday over the weekend in the past, with Moana being the latest to top the Thanksgiving box office with its $82.1 million debut in 2016.

All in all, a win for Miguel, music, and Coco — and another triumph for Disney-Pixar.