MTV Floribama Shore Sneak Peek: A Housemate Just Peed In Another Roommate's Bed

Who committed the major potty foul?

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But MTV Floribama Shore's Kortni just committed the ultimate potty foul.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming series' premiere, Jeremiah notices an odd smell permeating from Candace's bed. When he begins sniffing around said area, the Clark Kent lookalike deduces that the stench is in fact urine.

"It might be pee," Jeremiah tells Candace (while Kortni is happily passed out in her own clean bed) in the video above. "There's a wet spot."

"I'm done!" Candace replies as she darts out of her room and gets some much needed comfort from Gus.

But how does the rest of the Floribama gang react? Watch their priceless commentary in the clip and don't miss the series premiere of MTV Floribama Shore on Monday at 10/9c!