Rene Cervantes

Team Road Rules: Veronica And Shane Reveal Their Master Vendettas Plan

The longtime friends will be back together on 'The Challenge' (and we can't wait)

Battle of the Sexes 2 was the last time Veronica and Shane played a Challenge game together -- Johnny Moseley was the host, the ninth season was taped in New Mexico and the last three guys from the Men's Team (Dan Setzler, Eric Nies and Theo Vonkurnatowski) bested the Women (Arissa Hill, Coral Smith and Sophia Pasquis). But now, the lovable Road Rules duo will be back together on Vendettas (REUNION TIME!), and they have some grand plans on how they'll run things in Spain.

"Shane did Invasion, so he has some relationships from there, and I did Dirty 30, so I created some relationships there," Challenge 2000, The Gauntlet and The Inferno victor Veronica reveals to MTV News in the video below. "I think that, together, the two of us could create a really good, strong alliance if we worked smart and brought them all together." We're intrigued...

Meanwhile, what does the Campus Crawl vet envision for the pair? Watch Shane dish on his plans, and hear the two reflect on their special connection as well in the clip above. And be sure to watch Veronica and Shane when The Challenge: Vendettas begins on Tuesday, January 2 at 9/8c!