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Kim Kardashian's Birthday Wish For Something Shockingly Normal Just Came True

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Kim Kardashian turned 37 on October 21, and though she blew out her candles a couple of weeks ago, she's still thinking about what the ideal birthday wish would be — and it seems like she's not only figured it out, but gets to make a dream come true

On the November 15 episode of Ellen, Kim gushed about what she really, truly wants for her birthday while acknowledging it's a thing so simple, so definitively normal, that she'd likely annoy the non-celeb population, as said definitively normal thing can totally be found on a basic to-do list.

For her birthday, Kim Kardashian wanted to go grocery shopping.

"This might be really bratty and unrelatable, so I'm sorry, but I asked for — I said, 'Can someone rent out Ralph's for me, for one hour?'" Turns out it's been years — years! — since Kim's been able to go to the grocery store without getting mobbed, and that her idea of heaven is to hit up the popular Californian grocer, with North and Saint in tow, and take her time perusing the produce and cruising up and down the aisles.

In addition to the grocery business, Ralph's is a chain that's apparently in the wish-fulfillment business: They heard about Kim's wish and told her to come through.

While it's a bummer that Kim can't go grocery shopping whenever she'd like, it's super sweet that Ralph's wanted to make her day — and succeeded.