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Nicki Minaj Loves That Lil Uzi Vert Reminds Her So Much Of Lil Wayne

'He just gives me the Lil Tunechi vibe'

Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert get along swimmingly, and that's no surprise when you take into consideration how much he reminds her of her mentor and friend, Lil Wayne.

The collaborators taped a music video for their remix of Uzi's track, "The Way Life Goes," but took a break to chill for a sec on set. This led to goofing off in a trailer, and a positive vibe fest from Nicki, who handed out one of the highest compliments the Young Money rap goddess can give.

"It's just a pleasure to work with him!" she says. (Uzi, blissed out, offers up a "Same" in return.) "He just reminds me so much of Tunechi, so every time I see him, I'm just like, 'Aw, my little baby!' because he just gives me the Lil Tunechi vibe. So, because of that, I love him."

She loves their remix, too, so it's safe to say she'll love the video in progress as well. Stay tuned for the visual for the remix for "The Way Life Goes," and pull a Nicki and tell someone you love them today.