Dave Kotinsky/Getty

Selena Gomez Forgets A Bikini In Her Wet And Wild 'Wolves' Video

I hope she packed a towel

Selena Gomez sings about "running through the jungle" in "Wolves," her recent collaboration with Marshmello, but their new music video gives the song a new setting: a smoky swimming pool with neon lights. Gomez forgoes the traditional bathing suit in favor of glamorous, red-carpet-worthy gowns. She basically transforms the pool deck into her own personal fashion show, as you can see in the clip below.

The full video, released Friday (November 17) on Apple Music, takes you inside the pool's locker room, where Sel writhes around underneath the shower. Only Sel could make a public shower look sexy.

Things get creepy, however, when you notice a security camera secretly recording her party for one. Why is there a camera in the shower? This can't be legal. An oblivious Gomez continues her routine, and Marshmello's signature helmet even makes an unexpected appearance. Sadly, no actual wolves join her.

To hear more about Gomez's new music and sound, watch MTV News' interview with the "Bad Liar" singer, below.