Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Drake Doesn’t Stand For Man Groping A Woman At His Performance

Drizzy ain't having it

As one of the most successful male artists in the world, it's fun to laugh with and at Drake. His lyrics, fashion choices, and endless woes regarding the opposite sex provide enough fodder for six lifetimes — maybe even More Life-times.

But Tuesday night (November 15), Drake showed that behind the celebrity facade is a guy unafraid to fight for those in need. Drake stopped a performance of "Know Yourself" at a Sydney, Australia nightclub to call out a man who couldn't keep his hands to himself.

In a fan-captured Instagram video, Drake can be heard yelling at the man, "If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and fuck you up." The conversation surrounding sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood continues, as courageous victims and survivors come forward to tell their stories. In recent weeks, powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K. have been accused of using their influence and stature to take advantage of others.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Drake’s manager and business partner Adel “Future” Nur revealed they avoided working with Harvey Weinstein on a potential project. “I vetted him with five people,” says Future. “And got bad feedback about working with him.”

While Drake's singular act at a nightclub won't solve everything, it is a step in the right direction. If an artist as big as Graham can stop a show to take on the responsibility of calling out a man violating a woman in his presence, others can start and continue being just as vigilant.