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Why Don't We Reveal The Two Meanings Of Their Hit 'Something Different'

And the private place they recorded it

When the five guys in Why Don't We dropped their single "Something Different" earlier in 2017, it was easy to interpret the song's title as an arrival statement in the middle of a crowded pop landscape. And to hear the band explain it, as they did recently with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson, that's half right. But it's not the full story.

As Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, and Zach — who make up Why Don't We, MTV's Push: Artist to Watch for the month of November — broke down the origins of "Something Different," they mentioned that the song's title actually has a bit of a double meaning.

"It's got, kind of like, two meanings you can kind of apply to it," Corbyn explained. "So, obviously, lyrically it's about kind of like this relationship and these two people just, you know, being on their own wavelength and kind of doing their own thing. But personality-wise and being unique, it's like, you know, be different. Be you. We're all human."

"We actually recorded it in our bedroom," Zach continued. "We put up some mattresses, some sheets, and then, yeah."

The song's humble genesis amid a mess of bedding in their joint living space still gives the guys a bit of a laugh. "It's funny to hear on the radio because I can picture singing it in our bedroom," Jonah said.

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