John Shearer/Getty Images for DIRECTV

Taylor Swift Went Full Pop Star For '...Ready For It' On SNL

Baby, let the games begin

Taylor Swift went for a stark contrast for her first Saturday Night Live performance in ages, starting with one of Reputation's most in-your-face singles and following it up with a lovely acoustic throw to her country beginnings.

Swift dropped her (pretty much guaranteed to be No. 1) sixth album on November 10, and followed it up immediately with the live premieres of "...Ready For It" and "Call It What You Want" on SNL.

For "...Ready For It," the SNL performance of it had more of a pop video feel than its futuristic visual: Swift was clearly stoked to be back in Studio 8h, dancing alongside her backup singers before an intense, blood red light display with smoke swirling at their feet.

She focused on her delivery (a tough feat, her mic was bedazzled with a gigantic rhinestone snake), and you could read her lyrics in her facial expressions as she bounced through the track.

With "Call It What You Want," Swift ditched the choreography and sat down with her guitar. She strummed through her appreciation for a love that offers a respite from "all the drama queens taking swings," and the ballad made for a heartfelt foil to the sassiness of "...Ready For It" while showing off Reputation's stylistic range.

Swift's Reputation is on track to be one of the most successful — if not the most successful — album of 2017. Expect to hear "...Ready For It," "Call It What You Want," and the rest of its track list on repeat for the foreseeable future, and get ready for December 13, her birthday (and the likely drop of her 2018 tour dates).