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Drake And Millie Bobby Brown Hung Out And Maybe Exchanged Mind Trick Tips

October's AND Hawkins' Very Own, together at last

UPDATE (11/26/17, 3:22 P.M., E.T.): Please consider this dynamic duo for all of your bar mitzvah entertainment needs.

Millie Bobby Brown made her rap debut just a few days ago on The Tonight Show, but she's already hanging out with some of the best in the game.

Last night (November 10) in Brisbane, Australia, Brown spent a night out at Drizzy's Boy Meets World Tour, as evident by the all access pass sticker she's sporting. The two got their supernatural posing on, as Drake has clearly been keeping up with Stranger Things and got Eleven's smoldering look of deep, dangerous concentration down pat.

They cheesed it up in the photo Brown posted, though, and clearly both were fans of the other and excited to geek out about it.

We've seen that Brown's got bars, so please oh please let this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a potential collaboration. The likelihood of that happening from one quick backstage hello is unlikely, but still: Maybe if we all get our Eleven on and think super hard it'll happen.