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Kim Kardashian Took North West To A Katy Perry Concert On November 10

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Kim Kardashian and North West have a reputation for heading to shows on their mommy/daughter dates, so it's no surprise that when Katy Perry rolled through Los Angeles, they made a point to hit her November 10 Witness tour stop.


It turns out stars are just like us, in that they want to capture every single moment of a concert and broadcast their favorite songs to their friends through their Instagram Stories. That's exactly what Kim did, singing along with "E.T.," her 2010 collaboration with Kanye West.

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Before the show, Kim and North popped backstage for a quick selfie and catch-up, and North wore some flamingo-pink shades for the occasion.

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I wonder what they talked about! In any case, North, at four, is the most chill member of any VIP section, especially when her dad's songs are revving the crowd up. Just another cool, totally random night out at a concert. NBD.