Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek: Amber Contemplates Her Future With Matt

'It's nothing but stress,' she admits

Amber did not seem too optimistic about her future with Matt when she sat down with Dr. Drew at the Teen Mom OG reunion (the last time we saw the Indiana mother on this network). And, judging by the return of the long-running series, she still feels the same way.

"Do you feel like you're slowly backing off a bit?" Teen Mom OG producer Jess asks the cast member in a sneak peek of the new season's inaugural episode, above.

"I'm just kind feeling my way through this right now in any way that I can," Leah's mom states to Jess and her cousin Krystal. "It's nothing but stress."

Krystal then asked her relative if she's scared to be alone. While Amber says she isn't afraid to be on her own, thinking about her future without Matt makes her teary-eyed. Find out what she has to say in the video, and to see what happens between Amber and Matt, be sure to watch Teen Mom OG beginning this Monday at 9/8c.